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μ³ Metrology Software

The most complete 3D Optical Metrology Software

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μ³ Deflektometer

Specular Surface Inspection. Automated optical inspection for glass, metal, wafer, and mirror-like surfaces.

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MUNOS Fringe Projection

Structured Light Stereo Imaging. Brings physical objects into 3D point cloud.

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μ³ HyperFocus

Near-field & far-field image stitching.

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μ³ Karte3D

3D Visualizer Software

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Who Are We

μ³: m(y)ōō THrē was an optical metrology software package developed by talented individuals from computer vision, optical physics and software design fields. With μ³, you can analyse and visualise various imaging data through its powerful 2D and 3D processing pipelines. μ³ integrates a wide range of functions for applications in Precision Engineering, Advanced Manufacturing, Non-Destructive Testing, and Quality Control & Inspection, Research & Development. For more information, please contact our regional distributors.

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Our Distributor

JM Vistec System

JM Vistec System was founded in 2004 & have since partnered with leading R&D agencies such as SIMTech, NTU & etc. Today, their capabilites has soared to greater heights with regional presence in APAC. As the leading machine vision specialist, JM Vistec System pride ourselves as the true blue Singaporean brand. Their core values are reflected by our national identity; Competitive Quality, Performance Driven & Service Assurance.