MUNOS Fringe Projection

Structured Light Stereo Imaging

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MUNOS™ is a structured light based 3D scanner that brings physical objects into 3D point cloud.

A full-field determination of 3D surface profile can be achieved with large point cloud data, high accuracy, high precision, and high speed. Applications in such diverse fields as aerospace, medical, product inspection, quality control, and reverse engineering are possible.


Sensor Resolution (Max) 2448 x 2050px (Custom sizes available)
Point Spacing in X and Y 0.05 mm
Accuracy (Standard Deviation) 0.01 mm
Precision 0.02 mm
Depth Of Field ~80 mm
Field of View (x or y) ~100 mm
Power Supply 220 / 230V
Operating System Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 (64-bit)
Computer Requirement 16Gb of Ram, Dedicated Video Card
Principle of Operation Fringe Profilometry